There was something about that diary that took her back to her teens. She used to be a quiet and shy girl way back at her school. Not much of a talker, she would always keep things to herself. She hardly had any friends, for she never found anyone whom she can confide herself in. Being not able to open herself up before anyone took her closer to writing a diary. She would write every little thought and feeling in there. Her secret crushes, intense desires and many more. It was as if the diary reflected her entirely. In a world where it is so much difficult to trust anybody, the diary proved to be her confidant.

Today, as she takes up this diary in her hands, her mind flew back to that very time. Now she’s an altogether different person. She has friends whom she can trust, the love of her life who’s also her best friend, and the career of her choice. She is a contended being now who has all that she wants. And she can trace herself so very well through that very diary. Memories and nostalgia combined into one…!!

Exotic state of mind…!!

My hometown deserves a lot of praise. In this article I am going to write about one such spot of attraction which is in the buzz everywhere now. And the name of this attraction is Zoonskaya Resort. It is situated in Bhatiapar, Sivasagar, Assam and provides a total exotic view appealing to your senses. Below I’m attaching a picture of this alluring view.

This is the view you’ll see right after you enter the resort ❤

Zoonskaya is a boutique resort amidst natural scenaries. As soon as you step into the resort, you’ll feel as if you’re in an altogether different space. It’s enticing advances towards you will totally captivate all your senses. Right after you enter the entrance door, they have a restaurant with tables properly laid and cordial hosts waiting to welcome and serve you. The interiors are lovely with a wooden touch which sends a wild vibe. The restaurant is divided into two blocks – one attached to the entrance and the other just aligned to it which views the backyard directly.

The view at the backyard is jaw dropping. It has a swimming pool with cottages surrounding it. The blue waters shimmer in the light and the cottages add to a ‘desi vibe’. If you happen to visit in the evening, the lights will alter the view from the day. Soft music plays without break sustaining the calmness.

Proceeding to the delicacies, the resort deals in a variety of cuisines which will totally satiate your taste buds. The ones I love the most are their Chinese and Indian cusines. Below I have attached some delicacies that I tried in there.

Hara bhara kabab 💚
Tandoori chicken platter ❤
Buffet platter ❤

Do pay a visit here and satisfy your urge of exoticism. Below is their phone number. Call and book your ride for a perfect day/evening with your loved ones.

Mobile: +919706490407, +916900606445. Also do check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to remain updated.

How to remain positive?

‘For our thoughts reflect what we are’. We all have heard this saying very often. It’s true that what we think, we become that. The interesting thing is we cannot control our thoughts. But we can control what we think. We humans, are addicted to our thoughts. Every minute something or the other runs inside our heads and we succumb to it. Therefore, it is very important to choose our thoughts wisely and filter them accordingly as each one of us is unique.

Each morning we wake up, we are immediately surrounded by our thoughts. We don’t remain blank even for a second. It is very easy to be surrounded by negative thoughts for they do not need any effort. With so much negativity all around, it is no surprise to think negatively. But to remain positive even amidst this negativity is a hell of a task. It requires effort and consistency. I would like to share a few things that helps me remain positive even with so much negativity around.

1. Faith in God : The first and foremost thing that helps me remain positive and think positive is my firm faith in God. I believe that whatever He does, is for the benefit of everyone. And trust me, this faith has never let me down. I pray everyday in the morning and in the evening which helps me remain calm and composed.

2. Start spending time with kids : Now this may be difficult if you don’t have kids of your own. But even then, we surely must be having kids in our neighborhood or in our family with whom we can spend some time. Kids have God-like vibes in them which fills our life with so much positivity. As for me, being a teacher I get to spend a lot of time with kids which keeps me positive.

3. Read more and more books : Choose books that encourage your spirituality. We all have a deeper self with which we need to connect in order to understand ourselves better. There are a ton of books available online which will guide your thoughts and help you remain positive

4. Meditation : Meditation is therapeutic. It helps highly in keeping you positive and gives your mind a proper direction. I have started meditating daily and it has worked like a miracle for me.

I have incorporated the above mentioned ways into my life and this has shown amazing results for me. Sharing them with you all makes me so much happy. I hope this helps.

Rape is Rape..!! Stop labelling and judging

After Nirbhaya’s remorseful saga, Manisha Valmiki’s brutal rape case has ran a shiver down our spine. It would not be wrong to say that Manisha is our next Nirbhaya, for she fought bravely but succumbed to fatal death in the hands of the beasts. Her deep cut tongue and torn vagina speaks the tale of utter inhumanity. Adding to that, the horrible cremation of her body after locking her family is a blatant effort to silence the case, for she belonged to the Dalit community. What a shame!! Rape is rape. Stop labelling it based on caste and creed. The Hathras rape case should serve as an eye-opener for the entire nation. Unless and until the women in our country is safe, stop visualising a better India. It’s not gonna happen.

Stop assigning labels to her based on her caste and community. Stop judging her by what she wears. For unless we stop this stereotypical attitude of ours, we are doing nothing but producing more beasts that will continue to contaminate women and their rights. Remember one thing, just one that NO MEANS NO…!!!

Foliage, serenity and much more…!!

Last month we visited this beautiful place named Blossom Exotica located in Kumaranichiga, Chetia Chuk, Dibrugarh. It has a lush green tea garden adding to the beauty. Viewing from afar you will feel as if the entire plot is covered in a green blanket. When we entered the garden, there were beautiful flowers to welcome us. They have grown a nursery there and the flowers and plants are for sale too. We were taken aback by the exquisite foliage of the garden. As we moved ahead, we delved into more and more greenery. We took pictures of each and everything which I’m going to share here for you all to see.

The management team deserves praise for managing the garden so beautifully. Everything is perfectly organised without a trace of convulation. A beautiful bridge made of bamboo is a treat to the eyes here. As you walk on the bridge, you look below and see all greenery surrounding you from all sides. What a beauty! Beautiful and eye-catching flower pots hanged on all sides of the bridge.

There’s a row of such pots hanging ❤

Blossom Exotica is a hub of delicacies too. You can satiate your taste buds by tasting all savoury delicacies they serve here such as instant foods and many more. Adding to that, there is a hanging bridge too. Unfortunately, the bridge was under construction when we visited. But as per recent information, musical concerts are held there. What is the use of writing about a tea garden if we don’t talk about the tea there? This garden is famous for it’s green tea which comes in a beautiful packaging, the picture of which I’m sharing below.

If you happen to visit Dibrugarh, do not forget to pay a visit at this place. It is beautiful, full of greenery which will fully appeal to your aesthetic senses. I absolutely loved the place and I’m sure you will too.

What I learned from ‘THINK LIKE A MONK’….!!

Recently I read the book ‘Think like a Monk’ by Jay Shetty and I couldn’t help myself but share my amazing experience with this book. First of all, I am an ardent follower of Jay’s philosophy and his outlook towards life. I have been following him since a year now and have been practising his philosophy. Jay’s words are therapeutic. One who delves into them, never returns back to being the same and his life changes in miraculous ways. When I came to know that Jay’s writing a book in an attempt to share his life and wisdom, I was beyond happy. I tried to pre-order the book but failed to do so due to some technical issues of Amazon. But there was Kindle to back me up 🙂 I started kindle reading the book and after reading 2-3 pages, I was stunned by every word of it. It’s as if Jay is sitting beside you and speaking to you. Let me tell you that this book is not something that you read for pleasure. It deserves your full attention to detail. It begins with an ‘introduction‘ where Jay starts with a brief account of his life back at college and how he got motivated by a speech by a monk named Gauranga Das at whose esteemed guidance he dedicated his days at the ashram practising the monk mindset.

The book is divided into three parts of 3-4 chapters each. All the chapters gradually take you towards developing the monk mindset. The part I absolutely loved was that each chapter has a section called ‘Try it out’ which consists of activities for you to try out and engage practically in what you read. I took a pen and a notepad and started practising the activities. I have a habit of marking out the lines or words that most appeal to me in a book. And I did the same for this book too. Trust me, the activities made me feel so positive and notice things about myself that I otherwise simply ignored. We all have emotions which we need to control in order to gain fulfillment in our relationships. ‘Think like a monk’ taught me to maintain a balance between my relationships and the way I project myself into the outer world. This book is all about conquering your fears, ego and mind thus maintaining a fulfilling relationship with yourself and with your near and dear ones. The entire book speaks the language of gratitude and service to others. I realised profoundly the value of serving others and how it can lead to inner satisfaction. The power of meditation and the healing properties that it embodies was never realised by me so accurately before. I have started meditating regularly since then and I would recommend you all to do the same. Meditate and see the miracle.

Towards the end of the book there is a Vedic Personality Test which took me aback. I answered all the questions there and found my Dharma (you will find out about Dharma when you read the book). Overall, this book has completely changed my outlook towards life and my own self. In the course of every chapter I asked myself the question ‘What would a monk do?’ and I bet you’ll ask yourself too. I highly recommend you read this book because at the end of this journey,all you will ever feel is THANKFUL..!!

Such a beautiful quote and a beautiful moment!!

My battle with cluelessness

It was a normal evening. I sat down with a cup of tea in one hand and my phone in the other. In every sip of my tea my thoughts drifted to days before the pandemic. The hustle of the daily routine, the deadline to the assigned projects which kept me occupied, all of that which was irritating before, suddenly felt much better. I yearned to be the busy-bee once again. To go out, work my ass off, be damn busy. This lockdown has consumed so much of me lately that I am starting to feel clueless about myself.

All caught up between either this or that, I decided to devote some of my time to the thing I absolutely love doing – writing. I started searching the internet typing keywords like ‘How to start a blog’, ‘Tips for good content writing’ etc. I came up with a lot of different ideas by many different sites. After putting a little more thought I decided to create a blog on wordpress and write in there. Times get real hard for a struggling writer. As I started writing, I had absolutely no clue as to where to start, what to write and how to write. All I wanted was to write, experiment with my passion and reach out to the masses. And once again, I’m battling with cluelessness. My well-wishers advised me to come up with something that intrigues me, my own experiences with life, something authentic and something that solely belongs to me. The ideas jostled inside my head you see! For a budding writer like me, even the littlest of motivation counts and matters. I shall write, pour my heart out to everything that I feel. No matter how clueless I’m right now, I shall come up with things I really want to share and speak about.

Trust the timing of your life

We are battling with such crucial times that we are gradually starting to lose hope. Waking up each day feeling unproductive inspite of having an active life is very harsh. Our work lives have been limited to screens and we are losing our social life. This, indeed is difficult.

But everything in life happens for a reason and even though it sounds lame at such a time, but trust me, it does. I can honestly say that this crucial time has taught me one most important life lesson,that is, to trust the timing of my life. It is absolutely easy to fill our minds with negativity. But to be positive even at times like this is pretty difficult. It is really important that we surround ourselves with positive people and thoughts. Only then we can remain calm and composed unshaken by crucial times. We have to accept that even though now is a tough time, tomorrow will be better and keep taking one step forward towards what we really want.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs

This quote really inspires me. Each obstacle and every opportunity is all part of a greater purpose, leading you to exactly where you need to be. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You just need to connect-the-dots that make sense for you.

E-learning : It’s role in present education system

Covid-19 has resulted in shut down of schools all across the world. As a result, E-learning or online learning has taken over the entire education system. E-learning or online learning refers to the learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet. Though this is not a new concept, but with the emergence of Covid-19, E-learning has shifted the whole education system into a virtual mode.

According to UNESCO, due to outbreak of Covid-19, some 1.37 billion students in different countries have been affected by the closure of schools and colleges. Hence, the mode of teaching and learning is shifted to virtual mode as E-learning is the only way out. The schools and colleges are setting up online accounts on social platforms such as Zoom, Google meet etc.for the students wherein they can register with individual ID’s and enroll themselves for the classes. A routine is set up following which the classes are conducted. The routine is similar to the school routine,the only difference being the virtual mode.

With E-learning being the current trend of education, the challenges accompanying it is no less. Though the advantages of it cannot be overlooked. The online mode of learning has rendered flexibility to the students as they are not tied down to a fixed schedule. Unlike the regular school schedule wherein they have to sit inside the classroom and be present at the assigned time having no other option, E-learning has enabled the students to work at their own pace and also take out time for other tasks. Moreover, E-learning has proved to be cost effective for the students as well as for the parents. For example, there is no cost of commuting and the cost of fuel and transportation is saved. Adding to the above, E-learning has also helped the teachers in being digitally more equipped helping them to learn the latest technological methods of teaching which is different from the traditional classroom strategies that they adopt.

While E-learning has its pros, the cons it presents cannot be denied. Many students have found this mode of learning insufficient to meet their learning needs. When the teacher/educator is physically present before the students, it creates a different atmosphere and renders learning vibes within the students. The current scenario where the students can see their teacher only on the screen has failed to incite that learning vibe as the opposite situation would have done. Also, with the education system being digitalised, socialization is hampered. The social life of the students is at stake. Since they are now confined within their homes, they don’t get to interact with their peers and exchange words in person which may lead them to become introverts.

This sudden shift away from the classroom has led everyone to question whether this online mode of learning is going to persist post pandemic and how this is going to affect the education scenario. One thing for certain, if E-learning continues to dominate the education system , very soon learning would just be limited to the screens. This definitely does not seem healthy for the child. True learning occurs when the child actively engages himself/herself in it. It involves going out into the outer world and making connections, exchanging a word or two with people and sharing his/her opinions. But in a situation like this, this dream seems like a hard catch.

Covid-19 and the struggle with self confidence

With increasing challenges posed by the pandemic, our entire lives have turned into a big challenge. Never had we thought that such a situation would come wherein we would start doubting our very own existence. This pandemic has changed our lives drastically and in ways we would never have imagined to be. With each passing day, the challenges are increasing manifold. And in this very context, the low self esteem of ours needs special addressing.

Self-esteem or self confidence, so to say, is what makes a person climb up the social ladder and attain great heights of success. We have heard several sayings from great people about self confidence and how to develop it. Infact, to have confidence in oneself increases our chances of being successful. It’s not always easy to be self confident, especially when you’re too self critical or when you’re constantly been judged by others. But self confidence is the ability of regarding yourself higher regardless of what other people think of you.

But when times are crucial,along with everything else, our self confidence is also shakened. Sadly, now is a time when the entire world is standing at arms with the pandemic that has affected all aspects of our lives. Mostly, this pandemic has left our lives in distraught and has left us with limited or no back up options at all. It is certain that in such a situation we feel low and start questioning our abilities and the future. This pandemic has pulled down our economy as a result of which a great mass had to lose their jobs and sit at home. Surely, this hinders their self confidence upto a great extent. Inspite of the government’s promising initiatives, only a section of the population is found to have been benefitted. The only solution that everyone comes up with is to stay at home. While staying at home has adhered to health benefits, it has at the same time hindered self confidence. We are losing faith in ourselves which is an area worth discussing and noticing.  As the incidence of COVID-19 continues to rise, so does the psychological burden. Self-confidence, a function of mental strength and positive attitude of an individual, is such an intervention that may hold a potential capacity to control stress-mediated immune dysfunction.

Self confidence can be used as a driving force to fight against this pandemic.  Developing self-confidence through psychological interventions, social supports, spiritual connections, food habits, health supports, and positive thinking can potentially reduce psychological stress, thereby consolidating immune functions. Even though we are emotionally and psychologically struggling, we should not let our self confidence suffer. Instead, we can use it as our strength and fight against the difficult times.